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Treatment begins with an initial consultation with a BCBA. This consultation consists of an "information-gathering" session (as opposed to a full therapy session), and usually lasts about a half-hour. This session is free of charge. The parent or guardian must provide information on the client's medical and assessment history. A brief assessment of the client in a natural environment is made. If it is determined the client could benefit from our therapy we schedule an in-depth assessment session which could last from two to four hours. After the patient's situation has been assessed the BCBA prescribes  a schedule of treatment. Usually the number of hours of therapy and the schedule of an appropriate member of our group is matched to the client's needs.

The treatment schedule is usually written for a twelve week period.  Progress is measured weekly and adjustments are made.  At the end of the treatment schedule an additional assessment is made so modifications can be incorporated into the treatment. 

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