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Initially, Autism Therapies, LLC  consulted primarily with school districts developing ways to include children with autism in mainstream classrooms. Autism Therapies LLC worked with teachers to implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques into their curricula and daily classroom routines. As our reputation for providing innovative autism treatment grew, so did its reach and services. As Autism Therapies LLC gained more recognition for its expertise and innovative programs, the demand for Autism Therapies LLC’s services increased. It was during this period when Autism Therapies LLC developed a full range of programs from infancy through adulthood which can be individualized for each client’s needs.

Best Autism ClinicAutism Therapies LLC continues to pride itself as having some of the most experienced and capable clinicians in the field. Our current Autism Therapies LLC staff includes more doctoral-level clinicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts in the DFW area than any other clinic. These highly-trained professionals are specialized in early intervention, positive behavioral support, and classroom-based education models. Autism Therapies LLC also is committed to the professional development of its clinicians, including regular training, mentoring, conference attendance, advanced coursework and continuing education.

At Autism Therapies LLC, our founding passion, dedication to those we serve and commitment to excellence remains unchanged. Whether you are a clinician, potential employee, or client, we invite you explore our website and learn more about the exciting things we are doing at Autism Therapies LLC.Our day program is designed for all ages.  The program currently operates Monday-Friday between 9:00 and 4:00. Part-time attendance is acceptable for those clients attend school.  Our programs group clients in age appropriate physical and training settings.

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