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In-Home Autism Therapy

Autism Therapies LLC found ABA autism therapy at home can be comforting to a children. Familiar faces, voices, and surroundings often help children to settle into the treatment process sooner.  It is a fun experience where the child wants the therapist to "Teach me!" This means a shorter period of unease for your child and more time to actually teach.

In-home based autsim treatment requires as much devotion as treatment in a center setting. In-home ABA therapy is designed to provide an alternative not only for parents who could not afford centered based ABA treatment programs but also for those who were dissatisfied with other providers.

In-home ABA training is an excellent option. Many parents and children alike find that it helps to better facilitate the learning process by providing a comforting and familiar environment. With in-home ABA therapy, you can help prepare your child for school while experiencing the joy of witnessing so many landmark events in your child's life as you watch them grow from quiet and introverted children into kids that want nothing more than to smile, laugh, play, and just be children.

Pivotal Response Training is used as our primary therapy approach. Pivotal Response Training is used to teach language, decrease disruptive/self-stimulatory behaviors, and increase social, communication, and academic skills by focusing on critical, or “pivotal,” behaviors that affect a wide range of behaviors. The primary pivotal behaviors are motivation and child's initiations of communications with others.

You can expect from Autism Therapies LLC a therapist will drive to your home and provide therapy for your child. Our clinical staff is led by our clinical director who is Speech and Language Pathologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Therapy supervised by a BCBA will provide you with an individual treatment plan based on a full multiple etiology assessment of your child. Each in-home ABA therapy program includes a weekly meeting that provides parent training, treatment program planning, and coordination of the home therapy schedule.

Our in-home autism therapy program uses a skilled ABA therapist. Autism Therapies LLC manage all staff, takes care of drug screening, background checks, payroll, worker's compensation, employee benefits, and training.


Parent Training

Autism Therapies LLC's consulting services are designed to provide the necessary training to assist parents in managing therapy plans in their home or school program.  Autism Therapies LLC consultants are Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The child's program is designed with care and the concern for each child's unique needs and reviewed by a second BCBA. Consultants from Autism Therapies LLC will support families by providing frequent case monitoring (a minimum of one meeting per month is required) of home and school programs. The BCBA consultant can also provide assistance in developing Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals for programming at school, will attend Admission Review and Dismissal (ARD) meetings with parents and will collaborate with and/or train school and/or home therapy staff.

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